The many of them don’t feel being

The modified primary care tactics fall under health policy, it explores the difference between homeless people who have access to primary care than non-homeless individual accessing it. This included thing like the illness that many homeless face and number of financial and no-financial barriers that prevented them from access the health care. To solve the problem, it needs to address the barriers that it will facing. Some of the barriers include the ability to provide care to people who lack a provincial health cards, providing care without the needs of medication or the supplies of medication that is not be covered by the health care system, providing better transportation ,the providing better service that homeless individual faced who are living in certain areas and the changing of health care provider to be more understanding ad trustworthy to homeless individual.

So many of them don’t feel being stigmatization that could keep form receiving better (Shortt, Hwang, Stuart, Bedore, Zurba ; Darling, 2008)

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