The of the outside world. When the Mongols

The Mongols were a very powerful empire. They conquered many places located in Asia. They took control as far as the Caspian Sea and China Sea. One of the places they conquered was China.

Although destroying their independence and making them give up money, soldiers, and goods, the Mongols also had positive impacts on China. During the time of the very powerful Mongol Empire, China was split into four dynasties. They were all too focused on each other instead of the outside world. When the Mongols started to invade, they built a wall, The Great Wall of China, to help keep them out. Of course this didn’t work. Years later the wall was finished and other empires couldn’t get in. This of course was a benefit for them.

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Up until now the wall has been a very popular place for tourists. This brings lots of people to China.One other positive influence on China was that many new things were introduced. In 130 B.C. the Silk Road was built for trade routes throughout Eurasia.

After years of not being very organized, the Mongols came into control of China. They caused the Silk Road to be used again. With this, many things were learned and brought into China. The Silk Road gave the people a better idea of how important trade was, so they came up with more ideas such as traveling by boats to different places. Without the Silk Road people such as Marco Polo couldn’t have traveled and explored, finding new things. Also, because of the idea of sea trade, explorers, including Christopher Columbus, could explore and find new lands. Without these people being able to find new things for the world, life as we know it might not be the same.


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