The certain operations that require heart surgery

The most common cause of pericarditis cannot be determined(idiopathic) but some of the causes of the inflammation of the pericarditis include 😕 Bacterial infection? Chest injury? Heart surgery? Viral infection? Heart attack? Kidney failure? Autoimmune diseases? Cancer? Radiation therapyThe main types of pericarditis are :Viral pericarditis : viruses which are the most common cause of pericarditis e.g., viral chest infection leading to the inflammation.Bacterial pericarditis : this is triggered by an infection from around the body e.

g., someone who has pneumonia is mostly vulnerable if the bacteria contact the pericardium or through the bloodstream.Constrictive pericarditis : when the heart is incapable to fill blood properly due to stiffness caused when the pericardium is recovering from inflammation. Without treatment it can lead to complications including irregular heartbeat, heart failure and damage of the liver.Post-heart attack pericarditis : cardiac tissue injury caused by a heart attack can sometimes lead to pericarditis which is also known as post-myocardial infarction(post-MI) pericarditis.Pericarditis after a heart surgery : certain operations that require heart surgery may lead to the inflammation of the pericardium.

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