The King George and Lionel became complicated

The movie story is about the king of England King George VI who has the problem of speaking directly and speaking to many people, noting that he has no self-esteem and is ashamed of the people he judges in front of many people. Because of his situation his wife Queen Elizabeth hired him a speech therapist and he met Lionel Logue, at the first meeting of King George and Lionel became complicated because king george had no confidence in himself to speak straight. But not allowed the lionel that he could not cure the King by speaking directly but one day he went to the king in their home but a man of king george told him that he was busy. After that one day his father, King George V, had passed away, until the day came when King George and Queen Elizabeth arrived at the celebration of his brother King edward VIII when King George VI arrived He talked to his brother King George VIII but his brother insulted him because of his problem talking directly.

and one day, King George went to Lionel’s home to speak speech therapy because he wanted to prove to his brother and to other people that he could, some days when speech therapy king george was lacking in self-esteem because of my concern he was afraid of those who would judge him. The next day, king george and Lionel went to the palace where the king would speak when he was just as Lionel had just chastised the king george and made his way to king george to get used to it he was still straightforward. Until the day he came to speak with many people and live on the radio, it became successful because Lionel was guided and fortified by the king of George VI.

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