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The movie ‘The last of his tribe’ revolves around a small band of Indian called Yahi who lives in California and Ishi was the last member of that Yahi tribe. In the movie professor, Kroeber has different perspectives from Ishi. As Kroeber was knowing that Ishi was the last person of his tribe so Kroeber wants to take advantage of movement and want to know about all the secrets of Yahi tribe.

Even the name Ishi was also given by Kroeber. Ishi word literally means ‘my man’. Moreover, Ishi and Kroeber had very different viewpoints. Ishi was not good in the English language as he was knowing only a few words of English while Kroeber knows very few words of Yahi tribe language. Kroeber did not want to exploit Ishi habits and so he got angry on his fallow mate when they send a girl in Ishi room to have sex while Ishi got upset when he came to know that what happened last night with him will not happen again. Moreover, Kroeber does not allow everyone to meet Ishi at any time. However, Kroeber thinks that he had no strong point to keep Ishi inside the museum so he thinks if Ishi wants to leave museum he had full freedom to leave the museum and can return to his home.

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While Ishi doesn’t want to leave the museum. Unlike other exhibits in the museum, Ishi was not behinds the bars or glasses but he was always accompanied by someone in the museum. Moreover, Kroeber wants to know more about Indian culture so he always a guardian accompanied him and also, he always supported him either all other were against him because Ishi was last Yahi.

As a result, Ishi maintained his personal and traditional sense of identity. Kroeber only want to take advantage of Ishi because he was last in his tribe but Ishi really loved Kroeber and Ishi also ask Kroeber that does Ishi exist in Kroeber’s heart or in his book. While Professor Kroeber knows about the autopsy and he thinks that it should be done after a man dies but Ishi thinks that undergoing autopsy will affect his path to heaven. Unfortunately, until Kroeber realized that Ishi body should not go through autopsy but till he reached there he was too late.


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