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The movie “The Patriot” and the real life Revolutionary War are alike and also different in many ways.

The Patriot and real-life history compare because the patriot is a movie based on The Revolutionary War; The Revolutionary War spanned from April 19, 1775 to September 3, 1783. The movie begins in South Carolina and shows the life of Benjamin Martin, based off of Francis Marion, and his family throughout the war. There are many ways in which the Revolutionary War and The Patriot are not alike. First, cannons in that time period did not have rounds that exploded on impact, if they missed they just hit the ground without any explosion. In addition to this, muskets, the primary weapon of The Revolutionary War, were only single shot weapons.

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At times, the movie shows people firing more than one round out of the weapon. In the movie, British officers were depicted as being brutal killers. The movie shows a British officer killing one of Martin’s sons. burning down a church with people locked inside. More than half the Anglican priests in America left the church and gave up their ministries in order to go against their promise to serve the king The British used to burn some of the colonists’ houses to teach them lessons but there is no record of the British burning whole plantations. Although there were some vile British officers, the British army conducted themselves with the most respect. In the movie, the French were only shown helping the Continental Army at Yorktown when in reality the French had helped well before that.

The movie also shows the patriots fighting very violently which is very accurate because the patriots wanted independence from the brits. In the end, the patriots’ violence ended up being very successful. There are also many ways in which The American Revolution and The Patriot is similar. Martin helped his soldiers beat the brits in major battles; Marion helped his militia using many tactics and never getting caught by the brits. The Battle of Cowpens and Francis Marion’s militia crossing a river are similar events displayed in detail in The Patriot.

The Battle of Bunker Hill was not spoken about or shown in the movie. However, the movie did show The Battle of Yorktown at which General Cornwallis surrendered to the patriots.


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