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The news is based on Allen Weisselberg, chief financial officer in Trump’s organization, being summoned to affiremed in the Michael Cohen investigation in New York.Since Allen Weisselberg is the chief financial officer he has the power to control the expenditure since he knew every detailed where every money came from and went in the organization. Even Trump’s tax returns were also handled by him. According to the New York state attorney general office’s filings in the Trump University case, Weisselberg personally reviewed all of the finances of Trump University even the subsidiary every month.

Trump University’s controller, Steven Matejek, stated that he had to produce the expenses every quarter to Weisselberg and meet in person to review them. For more than a year, Matejek did not even have access to view Trump University’s checking account and was still not allowed to issue any payments or transfer any money because those powers were reserved for Weisselberg. So in this case, Weisselberg manipulate all the expenses in the Trumps Organization by not stating all the possible money spend for the organization. In this kind of situation there is a possibility that in the organization there is the misuse of the authority positions that leads to monopolize the system in a certain organization. There is also the tendency of one-way communication since all the principles and strategies are coming from the superior just like what happened in the article.

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