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The NSPCC ‘Child protection in England 2018’ states that serious case reviews should be inquired either after a child has died, is urgently injured which could be the impact of serious abuse or neglect or has “died from a suspected suicide”. Additionally, inquiries and serious case reviews are required to understand the lesson that the case shows, the failure of communciation in the serious case review, the negligence of either the multiagency team or the carers of that child and how we can learn from the serious care review and use it in order to prevent it from happening in the future. Therefore, sharing the finding helps inform practise about either how communication was successful or unsuccessful (depending if it was resolved or not), whether different professionals have worked individually or in union with each other in order to ensure the safety and welfare of the child. Also it helps inform those in practise who to go to if a serious issue arises considering a child.An example of a serious case review is the Victoria Climbe case.

Victoria Climbe was born 2nd of November 1991 and lived with her parents in Abobo, Côte d’Ivoire until she left for ‘a better life’ to the UK with her auntie in 1999, at the age of 8. According, to authorities she was Victories mother. Overall Victoria suffered 128 injuries majority from being physically beaten by sharp or blunt items and after examination of Victoria Climbe’s lifeless body , her cause of death was from hypothermia which was brought from malnourishment and having to live in a damp environment with the restriction of movement. On the 25th February 2000, Victoria’s auntie was arrested on suspicion of neglect.

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As hard as it is to believe Victoria was a part of a multi-agency child protection team and visited by multiple hospitals and social services team before she passed away on the 25th of February 2000. However, when she was seen more attention was brought upon her auntie “incontinence, possession and behavioural problems” rather than following up the sexual abuse that Victoria suffered from. However,


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