The where employees or members of an organization

The objective of this assignment is to analyse a case study through Weberian Bureaucracy.

Bureaucracy is a method or way of how an organisation is managed. In other words, it is a structured way of how a large organization carries out the work in a systematic way (Smriti Chand). There were many steps and requirements that need to be followed.

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For example, a school function and work will not be able to carry out properly if there is no structured way of handling it. Bureaucracy is divided into a few categories such as division of labour, hierarchy, and qualification (Business Dictionary). Division of labour is where employees is completing a task based on their specialization, where there will be no other workers to interfere. Hierarchy is where a well organised system where employees or members of an organization are ranked according to their authority.

This hierarchy is essential in ensuring an effective communication and delegation of the task. Besides, qualification is also important to make sure that the skills that an individual have is applicable for the organisation. One of the main benefits of having a bureaucracy in an organisation is to allow a smooth process as everyone is given the work that they are specialized in. With this method, the organization will have a success achievement in every department (Chron).


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