The emphasis on importance of communication and

The objective of this assignment is to reflect upon a good nursing practice that l witnessed during my placement. To explain what l have learnt and how l can progress on my knowledge or skills (Barksby, Butcher and Whysall,2015). According to confidentiality and safeguarding (Care Act 2014) confidentiality will be maintained (NMC,2008) during this reflective writing. I will emphasis on importance of communication and competence within the field of nursing, with emphasis on the 6C’s (NHS,2017) I will discuss about other team members who are involved in patient’s care i.e.

Doctors, occupational therapist, social workers, etc and how their different roles can strengthen the relationship with patients. Therapeutic relationship with service users gives them sense of belonging and nurses feels valued in their duties or roles.Reflection is way of reflecting on past events, checking and gathering knowledge to gain a unique understanding and how to improve on once action when faced with similar situation in future.

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It’s equally a process of sharing knowledge with others (Flemming,2006) Reflective practice helps to acknowledge courage and weakness, which improves advancement, it also encourages continuing professional development (CPD). The NMC (2017) requiresd all nurses to be well informed in their core practice area (NMC,2017) ModelsJohns (2000) reflective model is associated with more complex thinking of the event and environment, it has been argued that the model has lots of questions to be answered and could be time consuming.(Driscoll’s model 2011) uses 3 stages to help analyse practice, something that truly exist, is real fact “what” happened acquired information “so what” you learned, how you are going to implement “now what” you have learned making good used, put into effect all lesson learnt.

This model doesn’t talk about individual’s reflection is mainly concern about the event.Gibbs reflective model (1988) consists of six stages which describes the actual event and what occurred during the events. I will be using Gibbs model of reflection (1988) updated by Bulman (2012) as a framework for this assignment because it helps reflect on the events and is easy to understand.Description l was assigned to a female acute rehabilitation ward, with patients that are identify with border line personality disorder, and schizophrenia. l had observed how healthcare professionals were working together to give adequate care to patients under their care, based on individual needs (Swientozielskyj,2015).

Patient X got up in the morning and was upset about her ward round which was scheduled for the afternoon session, patient X started head banging in her bedroom. l immediately approached my mentor and told her about patient X, my mentor responded promptly and had a 1:1 session with her, she was reassured of the team’s support at all time, patient X explained all her fears and anxiety towards her ward round, “I need immediate solution to my problem, she stressed”. She was further reassured of the MDT total commitment to her recovery and she was encouraged to attend the ward round because she will be involved in the decision making of her care, and if she doesn’t want to attend the ward round she can still make a request . Later in the day patient X came over for to her ward round and participated actively, she told the team she was happy about the decision made for her pathway. Patient X couldn’t stop thanking my mentor for encouraging her to go for the ward round, patient X said she feels supported and went on to attend all other sessions booked in her diary for the day.


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