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The ocean is the largest ecosystem on Earth, also can be known as the planet’s life support system. It also contains 97% of the world’s water and also as the abundant protein supplier to the humans. Ocean livings indirectly reduce the climate change impacts on earth by absorbing carbon dioxide form the atmosphere. Beaches now are not as blue and as crystal clear as before. It has been a hard task to find a clear beach with happy marine lives. Ocean pollution in the current generations is being seen as a serious issue. This is because oceans are being polluted by variety of unwanted things and this pollutants seem to always have an increase each year.

Rapid growth of the Malaysian economic and the population causes the increase for the request of water supply which then leads to the release of the waste residual water from the residence, commercial and also the industries which causes the bad odour and even pollute the rain water and pollutes the ocean ecology system. Besides this, the disposal of solid wastes into the sea and ocean also adds the pollutants. Most of the solid wastes being thrown are the very slow rate of degradation especially the things that are made of plastic as they take decades to degrade. Plastic waste seems to be a global crisis – those plastic rubbish are transported by the ocean across region and water bodies. As stated in the Science Magazine in 2015, Malaysia is the 8th unfavourable country in the worldwide for plastic disposal.

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China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam are the five leading plastic polluters, which leads the dumping of those plastics into the ocean. Although Malaysia may not be in this list, but we are still in the Top 10 position globally for the source of plastic wastes.Conference the concern clear them for the

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