The using chatbots for recruiting. “A recent survey

The contemporaryworld is broadly marked by a rapid technological development that has affectedall the spheres of people’s activity. Probably the most important on-timetechnological development the scientists are still working on is artificialintelligence (AI).

Briefly speaking, AI is defined as an intelligence generatedby the machines. Its aim is to replace human manual labor and decision-makingby the machine operations and thus, to simplify people’s lives. Ideally, it isto be reached through a complex set of the operations that imitate humansthinking and physical activities. The fittest application of AI for today isall the operations performed in the industry. It is clear that animplementation of AI in business is going to affect both employees’ behaviorand role and the company’s structure. Early AItechnologies are already observed in business and penetrate all the industrialoperations. When speaking about the employee experience, infantile AI is todeliver a greater value to business through coaching, delivering employeeservice, and using chatbots for recruiting. “A recent survey of 350 HR leadersconducted by ServiceNow finds 92% of HR leaders agree that the future ofproviding an enhanced level of employee service will include chatbots”(Meister, 2017).

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It is expected that chatbots will soon become full members ofthe organizations’ HR teams. The major aim of this innovation is to let theemployees receive an answer to the frequently asked question quickly. It seemsimpossible but besides purely factual information, the employees will beenabled to have chatbots’ consultation on the matter of the personal concerns.For example, in a case of proper explaining the situation, the workers will behelped to report sexual harassment in the workplace. When speakingabout the transformation of the company’s structure caused by AI, theleadership is already reconsidering the structure of the organization.

In general,”advances in technology are causing firms to restructure their organizationalmakeup, transform their HR departments, develop new training models, andreevaluate their hiring practices” (Lindzon, 2017). Before AI proved itsability to perform basic operations, some complained about its potentialitiesin eliminating jobs. This is the most complex issue that relates toimplementing AI in the organization. Currently, AI is seen as a tool forcreating jobs and eliminating common tasks performed within the company. Themajor change expected to be brought into the company’s structure is themanagers will not be involved in a race for hiring the most qualifiedprofessionals. On the contrary, since most professional operations are to beconcentrated on AI technologies, the managers are to emphasize the candidate’sadaptability and cultural fit.

Secondly, HR managers may skip candidate’sevaluation and recruiting and will concentrate on the employee’s familiarizingwith the workforce contingent. Another exampleto portray AI’s improving basic operations occurring within the company isanalyzing the customers’ satisfaction rate with goods and services suggested.It would take hours of human labor to review one customer’s emails to thecompany to find out his/her perceptions, expectations, and mood. AI can reviewemails in a few seconds to catch out the customers feeling unhappy from usingcompany’s goods and services so “bosses can give them more attention beforetheir performance takes a nose dive” (Greenwald, 2017). Overall, AI is tocritically transform the ways the employees work and the ways the organizationoperates. Through eliminating a plenty of the traditional operations that takea lot of time, workers and organization itself will have more time for movingtowards developing skills and business. OpinionStatementWhen it comes tomy opinions regarding AI, I have always been seeing the technologicaldevelopment a potential improvement of all spheres of activity includingbusiness. The above-provided discussion is just another credible evidence tosupport my views.

I would like to address the complex issue AI is stillreferred to – its potentialities to eliminating jobs. The current state of theresearch in AI shows that nothing is to replace people’s creativity. As well,humans behavior and decision-making as the response to the particularproblematic situations cannot be generated by the machines. From this, I amprone to consider that the mentioned complaint is unfounded. AI’spotentialities to replacing manual labor do not mean that people will not beinvolved in the traditional operations taking place in the organization. On thecontrary, AI tends to help people to perform secondary operations that lie inentering giant pieces of information and comparing specific parameters. At thesame time, one of the most important ideas mentioned in the above-providedoverview is AI tends to transform the organization radically.

In my opinion,this process will seem radical when comparing the organization’s today structureand one that will be established after ten years. The point is AI technologiesare being implemented in business gradually as they get fully developed.Moreover, the leadership will not face the considerable issues in changing thecompany’s structure. It will be a lasting process that lies in the consistentimprovement of the existed structure.



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