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The old man shows endurance many times throughout the story. In the story, the old man had been dragged by the fish for many hours, but he finds that has not slept. He says, “‘But you have not slept yet, old man,’ he said aloud. ‘It is half a day and a night and now another day and you have not slept.

‘” (Hemingway 30). The old man’s endurance overcomes the need to sleep, giving the old man advantage over the fish, who, in the story, is starting to slow down. Also the old man says, “‘I may not be as strong as I think,’ the old man said, ‘I know many tricks and I have resolution.'” (Hemingway 8).

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This source supports Faulkner’s claim by showing that humans can overcome obstacles with tricks and strategies. In the quote from Page 8, the old man says that he “has resolution,” which means that the old man has determination and strong beliefs that he can capture a great fish; this shows compassion and endurance.


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