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In today’s generation, there is an increasing demand for faster and more high tech way of processing way of processing. Most of the hotels are providing web-based system for example OYO Rooms. It helps to perform tasks in an easy way with less time consumed. Same thing is happening to our online railway reservation system.

The Indian Railways carries about 6 Lakh passengers in reserved accommodation every day. The computerized Passenger Reservation System (PRS) facilitates the booking and cancellation of tickets from any of the 4000 terminals.
In many ways online reservation is better than conventional reservation-
With the help of the online reservation system of railways, people can book their tickets online through internet because standing in queues all the time and jostling away wasting your time is not the best thing to do. So online reservation system is helping through IRCTC website to book the railway tickets.

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Indian railways had provided the online reservation system on different trains to different places. By reserving our ticket online we can get the seat of our choice as we can see the availability of the seats, and can book the ticket before anyone can.

As online reservation system helps you not to stand in a queue to get the ticket, for old people online reservation helps a lot.

Online reservations are very helpful during the festive seasons because at that time it is very crowdie and we cannot take a ticket from the conventional window.

As we know that “tatkal” facility is a great boon, if you consider the cases of emergency, we can get the information of passengers in the waiting list. By checking the list online we can take our instant decision to buy or not to buy the tickets.

2. Advantages in “QUASI RETAIL OUTLETS” of the Health Care Organization:
So my answer is “NO”, the speciality hospitals like Escorts and Apollo can’t cater to the requirements of the public through one main hospital in a particular region of country. Here are some related advantages of Quasi Retail Outlets:-
People expect a good quality and transparency when they choose how to spend money. While the quality of care at Apollo’s hospitals or Escorts is high, the group specialized in offering advanced procedures at prices that are surprisingly very high. So, quasi retail outlets are emerging as a means of delivering quality to the customers.
People also expect convenience like they want to go to the hospital but the main hospital is far from their place, so due to the time issue or the convenient care to the consumers, they seek the same quality from the retail healthcare providers.


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