The in question is the grave situation dubbed

The Opioid Crisis raveging the United States

As of October 2018, a massive lawsuit is being filed in the U.S. The mass tort is fronted by attorney Paul Ferrrell of West Virginia, in cooperation with hundreds of other lawyers. The case is looking to be one of the largest mass-lawsuits in the history of the United States, and the losing party would he held accountable to pay large sums of money to the plaintiffs, which would be more than 1200 local communities. The case in question is the grave situation dubbed “the opioid crisis”, a rapidly growing trend of opioid abuse uncovered in the U.S during the last couple of years. The current state is alarming, although the potential court case might be a turning point. What has rallied so many people to seek compensation?

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The opioid epidemic began as a collection deaths that puzzled local authorities. One such person was chief of police JP Stevens of Rainelle in West Virginia, which is the home of 1.8 million people. Crime scenes where the deceased was found strangled with a needle stuck in their arm became a regular event in Stevens workday. A correlation between the deceased and a painkiller-addiction became evident. It was common knowledge that certain doctors in the town were corrupt and pharmacies were distributors of said drug. However, the true scope of the situation was unclear until 2015, when journalist Eric Eyre brought forth statistics that showed pharmacies distributing 780 million opioid pills to West Virginia during the last 6 years.
The drug surge began in the 90s, when pharmaceutical companies began producing painkillers containing opioids. Despite growing concern, the companies continued their promotion of the product with the help of their distributors, the doctors and other pharmacies. Although the big companies made dizzying sums, local community suffered socially and economically as a result of their new addiction. Now, attorney Paul Ferrell, others in his field, and local communities affected by the crisis seek justice.


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