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The organizational commitment can be conceptualized as loyalty to the organization, Personal identification with the organization, belief in and acceptance of the value & the goals of the organization. Organizational commitment represents an individual’s identification with the goals of the organization, how much the individual values membership in the organization and the degree to which they intend to work to attain organization goals (Mowday et al. 1979).

Commitment is the binding of the individual to behavior acts. Commitment is indicated by work effort, zeal, involvement and emolument of the work or the job (Rao, 1999)Organizational commitment has been defined as consisting of two components: attitudinal and behavioral components. According to Salancik(1977), behavioral commitment has been defined in terms of a tendency to continue in a specific antiviral commitment has been defined in term of a tendency to continue in a specific activity or course of action (Baldwin ; Lawson. 1984).

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As defined by Gregory et al. (1990)organizational commitment is an attitude about employees’ loyalty to their organizational and is an ongoing process through which organization.Participant expresses their concern for the organization and is continued success and wellbeing. According to (Mowday et al.

1974). Attitudinal component is psychological state that reflects the strength of employee’s feeing of identification and involvement with a specific organization (Baldwin ; Lawson, 1984)


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