The demands, computer-related problems and negative social

The outcomes of the regression analysis for the relation between psychosocial work factors and stress indicated that 3 elements of psychosocial work factors which is job demands, computer-related problems and negative social interaction were positively correlative with stress while the other 2 elements which is job control and social support have negative relationship with the work stress. The results also shown that the 6 psychosocial work factors components illustrate 37% of the variation in stress. The Durbin Watson of 1.85 fell between the acceptable range (1.5 < D < 2.

5). (Zakerian & Subramaniam, 2009).A study conducted by Tuvesson et al.

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, (2011), there is a significant relationship between the psychosocial work environment components of role clarity and organizational climate and stress. Duration of working experience in psychiatry industry shown a relationship of P < 0.1 with stress and it have kept as a variable for the logistic regression analysis.A study done by Alban et al.

, (2017), there have the relationship between psychosocial work factors with occupational stress, we found that some significant correlations, finding that the factors Content and characteristics of the task (P < 0.005) and job role and carrier development (P < 0.005) indicated the higher associations with the occupational stress. We can conclude that psychosocial work environment have associated with the high levels of stress in gas station industry. Thus, we need to concerns about this group’s well-being and health issues.


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