The partnership between business and IT at Hefty hardware is not so good and each side thinks that the other side doesn’t really understand what their actual requirements and problems are. The business thinks that they are unnecessarily pouring millions of dollars into IT and not getting a real value for it. They think that the IT is so self-absorbed with their work and problems that they really don’t get what the business is trying to do. The VP, Cheryl O’Shea and the COO Glen Vogel believe that the IT doesn’t know the basic functions of business and as part of the higher-level management, they think that it’s their responsibility to take the IT folks onto the field to really make them understand the business operations at all the Hefty stores. The IT has a total different perspective on this. The CIO, Farzad Mohammed and chief architect, Sergei Grozny refer to this whole idea of going onto the field as ‘Boondoggle’ which shows they believe that this would bring no value to the work they do and consider it as a waste of time.
They think that going to the field would not help them much in understanding the business


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