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The past decades, the number of urgent care clinics and primary care clinics has increased steadily over the last couple of years. This growth is caused by many different factors ranging from the social factors, economic factors as well as the political aspect. Socially, the steady growth in chronic diseases, has caused the need for primary care clinics and urgent care clinics to grow to help with the demand of the aging population. Over the years, chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic diseases have caused an increase among the population. Today, there are still many problems that is causing stress and have increased the need for counseling among the patients. Both the primary and urgent care clinics provides the patients with a diagnosis and treatment at the time of service, no matter what time of the day it is or what day it is. Economically, the urgent care services have become very affordable which many people want over the more expensive healthcare alternatives. Urgent care is providing urgent medical attention and the patients are receiving outpatient care which is not expensive and is very affordable to all patients.

Urgent care clinics and primary care clinics have experienced significant growth in the past because of their extended hours, improved wait times and their lower prices compared to the emergency room in the hospitals. Politically, most urgent and primary care clinics has grown due to the Affordable Care Act, which has many patients now able to get affordable medical insurance, which is caused the demands for more primary care and urgent care doctors. The demand for primary care and urgent care doctors mean that the demand for primary care and urgent care clinics will see the most growth within the communities where it really is needed. Politicians are constantly promising every year to improve the healthcare to the people and this has caused to many services to be moved closer to the patients through many more care clinics.Clinic’s Mission StatementThe urgent care and primary care clinics are committed to improving the quality of healthcare in our community through comprehensive quality in urgent and primary care services without discriminating, or judgment if they can pay to see a doctor or not. The mission statement needs to go a very long way in ensuring that we are providing quality services to our patients. First, the mission statement needs to recognize the value in each patient which must guide us to provide them quality of services without discrimination. We must acknowledge our commitment to excellence and leadership.

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By providing physical, emotional and spiritual care for each of our patients as well as their families members. Demonstrating our social responsibility through the use of our resources we have available to us. The unwavering commitment of our workers, physicians, volunteers, students, community partners and friends to keep our mission of providing a high quality of presence and tradition of caring. Second, mission statement will explain the quality of service we will be providing between the poor and those who need the most help of specialized services to the community with whom we are serve. Balancing the continuing commitments to the care of the poor and those who need highly specialized care.

Lastly, our mission statement will act as our guide to keep providing outstanding quality care that is needing to keep building a working relationship where every staff member is respected, valued and has the opportunity for both personal and professional care. Building a positive work environment where the staff is valued, respected and has the opportunity for personal and professional growth. Analyze and discuss one (1) or more directions the clinic might take to grow its business There are several different directions that the clinic can go to grow its business within the community. The primary care clinic or urgent care clinic could organize a sick and shut in service to go out and see their patients who are too sick to come into the clinic. The employees that work in the clinics must be people friendly, nonjudgmental in order to handle the patients and to teach them on ways to discuss sensitive medical issues they are having or had. The manager of the clinics must also invest in keeping the clinic up to date with all the new state-of-the-art equipment needed in order to handle any medical emergency in the clinic. The availability of the staff within the clinics need to be checked carefully before opting to use outside medical support. Decision how you would determine if the clinic is meeting its goals I will put in place some form of structured feedback from all constituents of the clinic; staff, patients, family members, managers, and doctors.

Positive or negative feedback that is given by the patient attending the clinic would also reveal the success of the clinic services. Three performance measurements that I would use to help evaluate the success of the clinic’s services are; how is the quality of services that the physician are giving, quality of the service being offered by the clinic, and how do the patients feel about their health plans. Patients experience of care cost of healthcare services, and disparities in performance. Health careperformance has a variety of services which can including but is not limited to just theses services like public health, healthy outcome from clinical treatments and appropriate care. The three performance measures that I would use to evaluate the success of the clinic is; develop a clear structure and a clear vision of the performance measurement system in place, accountability relationship so you know who need to be held accountable for whatever actions or department, and the alignment of the other healthcare systems, such as marketing, finance, and the information that we are using. I would address the opportunities for improvement seem to exist and what processes you would put in place.

By first understanding existing processes. Introducing process changes to help achieve the clinic objectives which is focused on quality improvement, cost reduction and schedule acceleration establishing an aim or goal for the improvement work. By setting this goal, we would be able to clearly communicate our objectives to all the departments within the clinic.Data feedback provide clinic and doctor offices with information they might need to help with the performance, as compared to external benchmarks and help identify areas for improvement. Practice coaching by outside organizations help to practices develop skills and organize them approach to quality insurance provides the necessary quality insurance tools and expertise, and helps them troubleshoot any and all challenges or barriers.


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