The that all customer requests are met and

The Penang Mutiara has established itself as a first class luxury hotel, with a design that reflects the image and standard that it provides. But that is not the only way that they out ranked their competitors, their focus on what the clients wants and not how to price their services is what made them the best in the market, this is assuming that their competitors are more product and price oriented. “It is impeccable customer service which gives us our competitive advantage, not price” This is the strategy that management is working on. The quality of service that they provide to clients that cannot be found anywhere else.

They did that by training their staff, increasing their knowledge and teaching them how to be courteous, by establishing the mindset of “nothing is impossible” amongst their staff members which means that all customer requests are met and finally by setting a plan on what possible problems can arise and how can they take care of them as quickly and efficiently as possible. In conclusion, the hotels strategy revolved around the five basic performance objectives, by focusing on these five they were able to establish themselves as the lead in the market competition.

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