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The perfect superhero to me, in my opinion, is Sophia. Sophie is a thirteen-year-old girl who’s anxious to sail across the ocean from New England to England in order to see her grandfather, Bompie. Sophie was adopted. Sophie seems to think that her foster parents are her original, biological ones, and whenever she’s asked about who her first parents were, she seems unable to really answer the question. that her parents died in a tragic accident at sea, and that Sophie has been blocking this painful memory from her awareness for quite some time.

Sophie’s journey to see Bompie is a quest to uncover the truth of her past, even though she may not realize it at first. Braving the sea is a way for her to put herself back in the situation that spelled her parents’ death, and to come to grips with her fear of the ocean. Sophie is also an adventurous spirit. She proves herself to be more than capable as a shipmate on The Wanderer, despite the doubts of her uncles and cousins, who all think that, because she’s a girl, she doesn’t have the skills and strength to brave the ocean.

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