The Ayd?n Adnan Menderes University Medical Faculty.Although

The person I really admired in my family is one of my cousin Sinem.She is very strong girl.She is studying at Ayd?n Adnan Menderes University Medical Faculty.

Although she had health and some financial problems in her family,she managed to get into university.We grown up like sisters.We have been together since childhood.We spent time so much and she had always by my side.She helped my homeworks and school projects.We supported each other every time.Besides,she really talented.

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She has a lot of bead in order to make accessories.She makes necklace,earring and other accessories.She is creative for these things.

The accesories which she made are really pretty and gorgeous.It suits whatever she put in.In addition,she has a marvellous voice.She sings a lot of song as a hobby.Her voice is so enchanting that I feel peaceful when I listen her.

When I was 12 years old,we went to picnic.She taught me how to make splendid accessories.At the same time,we ate foods in our picnic basket.We both ate foods and enjoyed to make accessories.This was a unforgettable day in my life.It was really meaningful for me. Due to the school,I rarely hang out with her.

Because studying medicine is not easy.Her school is really hard.But she always overcome these difficulties. I love and admire her so much.


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