The self-care fundamentals that every person needs

The philosophy of a nurse affirms their thoughts and belief regarding the character of the nursing profession and supply a foundation for nursing diagnosis and plan of care “and guides a nurse as he or she practices each day.” (Petipren 2016) When I think of my personal philosophy of nursing practice, I first think about the reason I became nurse was to help those who cannot help and/or do for themselves. It is my belief that the qualities needed to become a successful nurse includes: understanding, empathy, integrity, autonomy, high standard of ethics, compassion, and respect for others. “Nursing is a form of action” (Petipren 2016), and “the interaction between two or more people” (Petipren 2016). The nurse is responsible for healthcare teaching to the patient and their family, assisting in the prevention of illnesses, and performing the self-care fundamentals that every person needs to improve and maintain overall health. The nurse also assists to help the patient complete activities of daily living, to prevent illness, and to recover from illness”The Self-Care Deficit theory was developed by Dorothea E. Orem to guide nurses and improve nursing practices.

This theory can be applied to any healthcare setting and patient population, while promoting evidenced based practice to ensure validation through nursing research, adherence to laws, and preservation of nursing principles. The Self-Care Deficit theory assumes: “People are distinct individuals.”, (Petipren 2016), “People should be self-reliant, and responsible for their care, as well as others in their family who need care” (Petipren 2016), and “A person’s knowledge of potential health problems is needed for promoting self-care behaviors.” (Petipren 2016) Therefore, nursing is needed when the persons involved cannot provide effective self-care. The Self-Care Deficit theory includes five methods of helping which, again, can be applied to any healthcare setting, from bedside nursing to the upper levels nursing management.

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The methods of helping are: “acting for and doing for others; guiding others; supporting another; providing an environment promoting personal development in relation to meet future demands; and teaching another.” (Petipren 2016) Being a nurse leader places me in a unique role. I have the opportunity to assist in educating and caring for my patients and their families. I also have the responsibility to educate and mentor individuals who have made the decision to work in the field of nursing.Reference:Petiprin, Alice.

“Nursing Theories and a Philosophy of Nursing.” Environmental Theory – Nursing Theory, 2016,


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