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The physical care needs associated to nappy changing would be ideal to make sure you change the nappies regularly, it would also be effective if when doing so you wash your hands to avoid cross contamination from yourself to the young child or from the young child to yourself. The nappy should match the size of the young child, for example if the child is of a small size, the nappy has to be at a similar size to ensure comfort for the child and avoid any faeces or wee leak out. Toilet training is crucial when you are dealing with young children as they proceed to grow older because you should gradually get them out the routine of relying on nappy’s, so asking your child to go to the toilet regularly as well as teaching them effective hygiene e.g. washing hands, drying hands after using the toilet. Washing and bath time care needs appropriate water temperature meaning the water shouldn’t be too hot or too cold, to make sure the bath temperature is correct it would be ideal to check with the back of your hand. When washing the young child, we should make sure their face, body and hands are cleaned with a mild soap as the baby would be very young it wouldn’t be effective to use a harsh soap on their body as it could to redness and rashes. When it comes to skin care it would be a good idea to ensure the child’s skin is as clean as possible at all times e.g. if you take your child out and they touch the floor or get dirty things on their face, carrying wipes would be smart to make sure every now and then you’re wiping them down to avoid them getting any skin irritation or infections. Using the right creams also plays a big role, for instance if the child has sensitive skin it would be smart to use a cream suitable for its skin type, this can avoid redness and irritation of the skin. Make sure you clean after yourself, clean the area you have used and dispose of any unwanted items such as dirty tissues, wipes, nappies etc, in a correct disposable bin and then washing your hands thoroughly.

To maintain a child’s teeth care it would be appropriate that teeth are brushed up to three times a day with toothpaste and a toothbrush that is ideal for the child’s age and needs.

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