The and the entire Indo Pacific Zone,

The plan outlined by Beijing aims to create sufficient infrastructure for Chinese ships to safely reach the Mediterranean after sailing through the Suez Canal. But, the ambition of China does not stop at the doors of the European Union, because China wants to reach Athens by crossing the Egean Sea and from there to Venice, where it will look for land routes that make it possible to move its merchandise through the European Union.
In this strategic route map devised in Beijing, the South Pacific has also been included. Thus, the Maritime Silk Road has two routes. The first, as has been said, originated in the east coast of China and that through the South China Sea has the pretension to establish strategic control of the Spratley Islands, the Strait of Malacca and the entire Indo Pacific Zone, including the Gulf of Bengal, to reach the heart of Europe.
The second sea route will also cross the South China Sea to direct its ships to the coastal ports of the South Pacific. With this, China would also control the routes of the essential raw materials that come from the Latin American countries.
Despite being a long-term economic project, the Chinese Government has already begun the construction of certain infrastructures and the necessary negotiations with different countries. The European Union is China’s largest trading partner, while the People’s Republic is the Union’s second largest supplier.
Proof of this is Germany, a country that, in addition to enjoying an excellent reputation as a reliable partner in China, is considered “the commercial door of Europe”. In a meeting in Duisburg, the largest inland port in the world and an important transport and logistics center in Europe, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed to Germany to work together to make the ambitious project of resurgence a reality.
The ports built by China in Hambantota and Colombo, in Sri Lanka; the China-Suez Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone, in Egypt; Kazakhstan’s negotiation of the right to clear its imports and exports through the Chinese port of Lianyungang, and a new alliance between ports in China and Malaysia are further examples of China’s ability to take advantage of its new skills as a modernizer and port manager.


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