The Political History of Great Britain shows that Tony Blair’s attempt to end his speech, an address to the nation with “God bless Britain” was not welcomed warmly, especially by the representatives of Mass Media. However, the former Prime Minister said his suggestion provoked such strong concern from civil servants that he was forced to drop the idea. Mr Blair said he had intended to echo the traditional closing remark of Presidents in the United States, who typically sign-off television broadcasts by saying, “God Bless America”.
For much of his time in office, Mr Blair was accused of adopting a “presidential” style of leadership, and became close to former American presidents Bill Clinton and George W Bush. However, his former spin doctor Alastair Campbell famously declared “we don’t do God”, when the then Prime Minister was asked about his beliefs. Speaking at a conference on leadership, organised by the Holy Trinity Brompton Church, in London, Mr Blair said it was “a shame” that British politicians could not express their faith more openly.


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