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The Positive Growth of Life.Can having a positive attitude and having perseverance towards education help people fulfil their potential with growth mindset more effectively than the fixed mind set? I assume by having the thoughts of wanting challenges, so they can proceed to excel in education is using their growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset. Throughout high school I always had a fixed mindset, I seen thing’s the way they were, and I had watched my family always have a fixed mindset and a negative attitude towards everything. Throughout my high school years, I did not accept change, nor did I adapt to change well. Once I started college I had adapted to change and had perseverance towards the challenges I knew I was going to have to face in my classes and that I’d have to dive in head first to give myself the confidence that I can adapt to these changes. Dweck argues that the growth mindset will allow a person to live a less stressful life and a more successful life and through reading Sotomayor’s ‘My Beloved World.

‘ Is proof that Dweck stand’s corrected. Throughout life we all question how our minds work and how we can make our lives easier. But rarely any of us know how easily possible it is to change our mindsets and to look at life through that mindset.

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In Carol Dweck’s article “Brainology: Transforming Students’ Motivation to Learn,” the author emphasizes that different mindsets affect our confidence and motivation. There are two types of mindsets, growth mindset and fixed mindset. Students with a fixed mindset believe that each person has invariable amounts of intelligence. However, students with a growth mindset believe that intelligence can be nurtured through effort. Also, praising children for intelligence makes them have a fixed mindset, and praising children for effort makes them have a growth mindset. Fixed mindsets reduce students’ motivation to learn, but growth mindsets enforce students’ passion of learning. Dweck affirms that people worship talent, and that is a counterfactual idea about intelligence.

She says that many thing’s in life can distract you from having a growth mindset is unhealthy relationships and negative thoughts towards your own intelligence. In her article she insists that, “We need to correct the harmful idea that people simply have gifts that transport them to success, and to teach our students that no matter how smart or talented someone is – be it Einstein, Mozart, or Michael Jordan – no one succeeds in a big way without enormous amounts of dedication and effort.” (Dweck 5) She provides some great examples of famous people who succeed with massive effort, and these people unquestionably have growth mindsets because they never give up after difficulties. They all had great accomplishments, but they didn’t rely on their talent to be successful. Sotomayor is the same because she never relies on her talent of being a successful supreme court judge and doesn’t abuse her power.

She was the first Hispanic woman in the supreme court. That shows that a person can do anything and that if you have the right mindset then you can do anything.


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