The focus our attention at aspect of life

The power of the Sea One-act play Readers to the Sea , is written by John Millington Synge. Synge focus our attention at aspect of life , the life that is taken by the Sea. Maurya is a poor Irish woman who has lost her husband, her father-in-law and unfortunately, she has lost a majority of her sons, and the only surviving ones are her two daughters, Cathleen, Nora and her son, Bartley also he is taken by the sea . The sea has take the lives of all mens of family. This play has focus on our attention the aspect of life. “They ‘re gone now,and there isn’t anything more the sea can do to me…”says Maurya. Two of Maurya girls tried to hide the death of their brother Michael, his clothes that were found in the far north.

Bartley only men of the family,he was going to die at the same day , in order to sell a horse at fair, despite knowing bad weather. Maurya begs him to not go ,but he insists despite her begs. Perhaps he is aware that the sea will claim him one day or the other, and to tarry on one occasion would be a futile attempt toward escaping inevitable death. Maurya gets irritated and let him go without her blessing. The sisters tell their mother that she has to go and give to him her blessing. She agrees to go ,after that the girls open the bundle and find out the Michaels clothes. Maurya returns even more frustrated and terrified than before, because her vision. Maurya’s vision is terrifying and tragic.

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“…and there was Michael upon it -with fine clothes on him, and new shoes on his feet.”.This vision tells to her that something dark is about to happen. Because of this they know now that Bartley is going to die to the sea.

Now the sea is taking of the only men of their family. Girls show to her Michael clothes ,and the coffin may be used for Baterly .They hear a noise somebody crying , A women and then a men who bring the body of the Baterly. And Maurya says that the sea has nothing to take from her . “It’s a great rest I’ll have now,and great sleeping in the long nights after Samhain, If it’s only a bit of wet flour we do have to eat, and maybe a fish that would be stinking.” Maurya says so the sea can’t harm her anymore. For a mother to say those words is the most destroyed mother in the world, how a mother can have a great sleep when all his boys and husband and father are in graves?! .

Now Maurya is a mother that is living without breathing. Sea plays an important role in “Riders to the Sea”.Always the sea gives the people adventures and is misterios , and now is become depressing , the sea gives to them food and takes lives “..

.if it’s only a bit of wet flour we do have to eat, and maybe a fish that would be stinking”.It appears to be roaring outside for its toll of human lives.

The sea becomes then, not just a force of nature, appeasing the senses and adding beauty to the environment, It overpowers man even while subjecting him to depend upon it. The sea, in this context, gains an all rounder role, affecting human habits, superstitions, topography and climate. Although the sea is not a spirit character in this part, it is the spirit of the most beloved people of this family. The sea presents itself through the characters that face, participate and finally surrender to him.


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