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The product and the successful entrepreneur that I admiredA charming smile with a beautiful tooth will definitely cheer on someone’s day. Personal hygiene is assessed through dental care and mouth. This is because conversations and smiles are one of the major communication mediums in the daily lives of individuals. Thus, there are various dental and oral care products on the market and one of them is Colgate.

Colgate is a brand of dental care that are available in both local and international markets which comprising with a variety of products. Colgate was founded by William Colgate in 1806 and firstly entered the market in Jersey City in 1910. Then, Colgate expand their products around the world and in the early 1920s they thrived worldwide with their products quickly with a good results and partnered with many different companies around the world to increase their success rate. In the early 1980s Colgate made great success become an entrepreneur with their toothpaste until to this day. Thus, Colgate is a one of dental care and mouth product that can easily found in every market in Malaysia whether in pharmacies, supermarkets such as Speedmart, Mydin, Econsave, Tesco, Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer, shop store in shopping complexes such as Eon, at the drugstores such as Guardians, Watsons, Caring , and can also be found in online shop like Shopee, Lazada, 11Streets and other mores with affordable prices.

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Colgate toothpaste consists and made of the following ingredients such as sodium fluoride which helps to prevent cavities while triclosan helps to kill germs in mouth and hydrated Silica is helps to remove plaque. While,water and glycerin inside the colgate function as a liquid, and for make the toothpaste sweetener, the sorbitol are added. Then, PVM / MA Copolymer used to help triclosan stick at longer teeth. Natrium Lauryl Sulfate is added to the texture of toothpaste that makes the toothpaste soft and foaming.

For textures such as mint and fruit, cellulose gum is added. Then, to neutralize PH on some other added items, Sodium Hydroxide is used. Carrageenan as stabilizing toothpaste and making things smoother and more gel like, Propylene Glycolis added to prevent melting or frozen in extreme temperatures, Natrium Saccharin adds / sweetener to other flavors. It is 300 times sweet sugar, real sugar. And finally the Titanium Dioxide used to give the toothpaste is white.There are seven types of dental products under Colgate branding which are toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, kids product, dental floss, prescription only product and inter proximal aid product. Each of these products is divided into different types and has its own functionality.

One of the reason why my family and i choose Colgate as our daily dental and mouth care products is because I feel that this product gives its users a lot of choices on their product.By using the slogan ;Toothpastes Advanced to brighten every smile;, Colgate produces as many as 35 toothpastes options according to six brand which are Colgate Total, Colgate Optic White, Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief™ , Colgate Sensitive, Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection and Colgate Kid. These options are divided into two flavors which are mint and fruit and have two types of toothpastes either paste or gel. In addition, the innovative of Colgate brand produces their each product by function make it easier for customers to choose. Hence, for someone with sensitive teeth, they can choose and use Colgate Sensitive Pro-relief or Colgate Sensitive which is readily available in the market like example Colgate Sensifoam Active Whitening, Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Whitening or Colgate Total Professional Whitening.

These toothpaste was made specifically for people with dental sensitivity to provide instant protection and lasting protection as well as fix sensitive teeth for long-term protection against sensitivity. With everyday use, it helps to build a reparative layer that acts like a seal against sensitivity. Besides, customer have choice to choose Colgate Total which has overall protection against teeth including for whitening, cavity protection, sensitivity relief, gingivitis prevention, gum care, germ protection, breath freshening and tartar control. These toothpaste provides 12 hours protection against bacteria build-up for superior oral health for their customer. So that, who chooses Colgate Total , it is give worth to customer with its price that covers the whole protection of dental care and mouth. Then, through the duplication of innovation, Colgate produces a mouthwash that have same benefit as Colgate toothpaste that gives advances antibacterial protection for longer lasting fresh breath.

Other than that, Colgate also have a product for kids that designed to make brushing enjoyable for children to develop great habits for their life. In particular, kids are usually exposed to sweet foods during childhood, where cavities can develop when sugar-containing foods are allowed to stay in their mouth for a long time. Bacteria that live on the teeth feast on these bits of food and can eat away at tooth enamel.

Though the saliva washes away the acid between meals, but if a kids always eating, there may not be time for this acid to get washed away . So that, Colgate offer for parents to buy a Colgate kid to encourage their child to practice a healthy care of teeth and mouth since child. To make children more interested and encourage them for brush, toothpaste and toothbrush is designed with a cartoon graphics with a fruity flavour. Thus, the successful entrepreneurs that I admire are surely are Colgate’s family which are founder of Colgate Company. Starting with Colgate William which his main goal during 1906 just only was to produce starch, soap and candles in a small shop that owned in New York. Around 1820 as Colgate’s product started to expand and on 1857 when William Colgate passed away, his shop became a Colgate and Company. Therefore, his siblings “Samuel Colgate” with a high self-belief, hard work, disciplined and dedication, he ran the business and added more products to the company such as perfume and perfumed soap.

In the year of 1973, they produce toothpaste in the jar. As long as 23 years after their toothpaste was produced, they introduced their toothpaste as Colgate Ribbon Dental Care. Around this time he not afraid to take risks up and make a right connection partnered up with many other companies and produced many different products to add to their companies. As they got bigger they moved their main headquarters to Jersey City in 1910. In the early 1980s Colgate made great success with their toothpaste through their market planning.

They did some research and found the product to put in their teeth to avoid cavities, bad breath, dental results, and gums from bleeding. The new toothpaste they named Total is a great success and makes great sales around the world. This product is a huge success worldwide but it is held back in the US for further observation in the case of the harmful chemicals that may be found in toothpaste. It was observed in the United States for an estimated 5 years but they doesn’t quick to give up and finally in December 1997 it was made to many store shelves throughout the United States.

With this great response from their product, they anticipated to make their product of toothpaste much better and more reliable. With a innovation, Colgate continued to expand their toothpaste and came out with the first white strips for teeth and also made battery powered tooth brushes What is more important, they has many target on their product and they have a market knowledge which helps they to expand their target market. So that, they produce many different products for a variety of different ages which offers a complete product line including items for children. Besides, with the strong money management, they courage to do massive advertising to introduce their products include magazine ads, the radio, ads that are placed in dentist offices, billboards, and on the side of buses. Besides, Colgate’s key promotional strategies is ensure that their designs and packaging are different from others.

All their toothpaste comes in various sizes, but many of them come in just one form. Changing designs and design parcels can attract more customers to buy their products just because they look different from others .Consequently, from this vision, Colgate been voted for the “Most Trusted Brand” in the country for over many years.

Other than that, Colgate doesn’t only have a great history of how they started but also have a great success stories of helping others throughout the world which reaching out to thousands of communities. Its shows how much they care for others who are in need of not only dental care but with oral health education . However, it’s amazing how Colgate started over 200 years ago from nothing but starch and soaps to being the number one best seller for toothpaste. Indeed, the most important Colgate helps to protect our teeth from decaying and having gum disease.

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