The situation pertaining to various models, section

The project is designed at understanding the consumer behavior towards vehicles of hero Motocorp ltd. The two-wheeler industry in India has grown-up to a great extent in last two and a half decades and it still has a huge growth possible and a huge untapped market. Separately from this there is also a huge market for the servicing of vehicles. This is where the project aims to study the consumer’s intellect and try to give out idea to improve the current situation pertaining to various models, section and programs of vehicle from the quarters of hero Motocorp.
Champion Motocorp is the market boss in India two-wheeler industry and has a substantive invention line and a good quality serviceability. The study is designed at knowing the brand positioning, the strengths and weaknesses and the worth of service from the hero Motocorp Gulbarga. For this a review was conducted and the opinion of consumers visiting these service centers was taken in reflection for the sake of this study. The survey consists of question related to the qualitative and technical aspects. The inferences are drawn out of the information conventional and suggestions are made. Essential and relevant data has also been analyzed from the internal sources like company details and secondary sources like daily newspaper, magazines and the internet.


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