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The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the last courier of Almighty Allah to the planet. Before his birth, the Arabs were wild tribes and that they were living a cruel life. They adored idols, buried their freshly born daughters alive, hooked in to wine, gambling etc. Holy Prophet modified their habits and tutored them to respect poor, girls and be kind to the kids. He was such a lot honest and truthful that he was referred to as Sadiq (Truthful) and Ameen (Trustee) by his enemies.

Holy Prophet was a unselfish person. All of his actions were simply to satisfy the orders of Allah. He was the epitome of excellent manners and a perfect being in term of manners and ethics.

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Islam itself is peace and Prophet of Islam (PBUH) perpetually inspired individuals to resolve their matters by opting peace. He ne’er treated himself as somebody special, rather he combine with individuals and join forces with them in any method. He raised voice for the honest treatment of animals. He tutored people who they should be treated fairly, rather than being strict to them.

All in all, Holy Prophet (PBUH) was actually groomsman the planet would ever see.


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