The this cute little puppy find a nice

The puppy in the picture is seen behind a gated fence, which suggests that he is mostly locked up and does not have the freedoms that puppies should have. The dog’s eyes also stand out because they reveal a hurt look that shows that the puppy is not happy with his current situation. The puppy’s eyes call to the audience to help him find a better home and to make him live a happier life.In the text that is next to the dog, the ad becomes personal because it includes the dogs name. It makes the audience feel more attached to the dog even though they have never directly met this dog. The small description about the dogs interests reveals that the dog is just like any typical dog, but is lacking attention from people in his current surroundings.

By suggesting that the dog lays in his cage and thinks about having more to do and more freedoms, causes the readers to feel sorrow for the dog and the fact that he is living in an adoption center.The end of the text reveals that the audience could easily fix this situation by donating to the Pedigree Adoption Drive and help this cute little puppy find a nice home. It makes it seem that it is a very simple process to help many dogs like this one, find a loving home. The entire advertisement causes an emotional appeal to the audience. It may even inflict guilt upon people, causing them to feel they should help this dog have a better life

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