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The purpose of this paper is to outline the history of the Department of Homeland Security and show how the department was created as well as describe its role with the battle against terrorism. Also in this paper are some suggestions as to what the department could do to improve its effectiveness as a whole and towards their mission to protect the homeland. After 9/11, the United States government knew that they needed to implement drastic changes immediately before more attacks could be carried out against the U.S. The government’s solution to this problem was creating the Department of Homeland Security. Days after the attacks of 9/11, president George W.

Bush created the department which had been talked about before but no one wanted such a drastic measure taken before the events of 9/11. Afterwards though, everyone was in support of the measure taken by the president to protect America. This restructuring of the federal government was the largest since the creation of the department of defense in 1947. This new homeland security department had many roles and talks to accomplish protecting the homeland. It also absorbed many federal law enforcement and Intelligence agencies into one massive department to try to collaborate each individuals efforts into better safeguarding the nation.

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(Hls mission statement) the Department of Homeland Security’s mission is to stop terrorism.Because the United States is a major world superpower, their foreign policy affects many people. The actual policy may differ from elected bodies but it is better when they do not change over time. The untitled states has always had many foreign policies. But one of the most important is national security.

Humans have always been naturally aggressive towards each other so consequently fighting breaks out which causes war. In 1945, the Cold War changed many people’s minds about being prepared for attacks against the United States and do the government made national security a top priority for Americans.Since the Cold War, national security has been at the forefront of America.

Just like with the Cold War, after 9/11 America retaliated against terrorism with the creation of a department to safeguard the homeland. Terrorists use means of mass destruction and damage to communicate a message to governments or people that will instill fear in them. The goal of this means of destruction is to cohorce the government or a group of people into changing their ways to fall in line with the terrorists point of view.Studying foreign intelligence has shown that the purpose of intelligence is to gain information and analyze that information to be able to apply governmental power with greater accuracy and as the need for governmental power increases so the importance of intelligence.

In the united states, terrorist threats to homeland security will be stopped by governmental power that comes from the intelligence gathered. As technology advances, hazards to homeland security will inevitably grow in the future and the need for domestic intelligence will continue to rise along with these new hazards.Homeland security will need more domestic intelligence as new threats to the homeland arise. The purpose of foreign intelligence as well as domestic intelligence is to provide the government with the accurate use of its full power. Counter-Terrorism has increased the need to collect domestic information and analyze it to create intelligence, but risks to security in the United States will only grow as time goes on due to the rapid advances with technology. As the government’s need for power against these threats increase, intelligence will also have to increase so that the authority of the government is applied effectively and efficiently. After the attack on pearl harbor by the japanese, the american perception of security was hurt detrimentally. Once World War II ended, american government officials voted on creating the nation’s first permanent bureaucracy that its sole mission was to prevent any attacks in the future from surprising the United States.

Originally, intelligence had been mainly a military concern for leaders in the army because losing a war meant disastrous consequences. The United States was the last world power to incorporate intel analysis into their government. The reason it was not a priority to the United States before now was because they thought two oceans separated it from foreign dangers.The Pearl Harbor attack and the American role in World War II impacted the United States need and use of intelligence. During the war, the UNited states increased its role in the conflict after pearl harbor and intelligence became a vital part of the success of the United States involvement.

After the war was won, American officials decided that the United States needed an agency tasked with gathering information and analyzing it to create intelligence that the government could use to distribute information throughout its military and domestic branches that safeguard the nation. As a result of this realized gap in protecting the United States, the Central Intelligence Agency was created to help aid in preventing a future surprise attack by focusing on analyzing threats to the homeland.With the rising age of the internet, information is becoming increasingly important. Intelligence is vital in preventing attacks on the homeland because without the intelligence, agencies like the FBI would not be able to stop the threats. The Department of Homeland Security helps to allow the law enforcement agencies to strike with greater force and precision in stopping an attack. Intelligence also benefits security because that information can be used to better aid in stopping threats with less collateral damage.

Intelligence is the gathering and analyzing of information. Information alone is useless in stopping threats but coupled with the power of law enforcement it can be detrimental to terrorists.After 9/11 the Department of Homeland Security was created.

The primary goal of the organization is to stop terrorist attacks within the borders of the United States. It also reduces the amount of damage and aids in the rebuilding after a terrorist attack that does occur in the United States.


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