The today are only made of aluminum tho.Back

The question was why are trucks so much. I found That it said the reason that they cost so much is because it takes not just time and work but a lot of water.”A well-optioned 2001 Ford F-150 Crew Cab 4×4 had an original MSRP of around $34,000. A 2008 Ford F-150 Crew Cab 4×4 Harley Davidson edition moved up to an original sticker price of over $40,000. The latest 2018 Ford Raptor Crew Cab can now be optioned at around $72,000. The price of a fully-loaded F-150 has approximately doubled over the last 17 years. Clearly, this is more than just dollar inflation. Inflation accounted for about 28% of the price increase over the same period.(Smirnov).” The reason that they cost so much is because all of the stuff that they put in it. One of the things that they put in it is the interior. The interior is one of the main things that they have in it so that cast a lot of cash just to put that in. The reason that the ford does not cast as much as the chevy is because the chevys bed is made out of steel and the ford is made out of aluminum.Most of the trucks today are only made of aluminum tho.Back then all the trucks were made of steel and lasted a lot longer then they do today. But that is where they get you they make the trucks were they will awhile but after a long time they will start to dent and brake so that is one reason that I don’t know why they cost so much. But then again that all have all of those big motors in them to make them go faster and they are so light that now tucks even have a v6 in them. But even for that I don’t know why they cost so much because what are you even paying for because the 2018 Chevy colorado price is 20,000 and for 20,000 what are you paying for all that is a little motter and some nice interior and aluminum it should not cost that much it should only cost like 15,000.There are reasons out why diesel trucks cost so much and that is because the motter that they out in them to lift on them and all the other cool stuff that is in them the turbo that they out in it.The best thing that a diesel tucks is good for is the miles that you can put on them you can put up to 400,000+ miles on them and they will keep going.


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