The total of 68% are within 18-35

The questionnaire was distributed to a sample of employees based on quota sampling. The demographic information gathered are under gender, age category, level of employment and work experience in the organization.4.2.

1.1 Gender distributionThe gender distribution based on the sample is illustrated in ‘Figure 4.1’. Figure 4.1: Gender distribution (Source: Developed by the Researcher).

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The gender dispersal was recorded as 25.5% females and 74.5% males of the total sample. 4.

2.1.2 Age distributionThe sample of one hundred and fifty seven employees contrasts a vital fact in regards to the employees’ age distribution. A total of 68% are within 18-35 years, which the highest been 44% within 26-35 years and 24% within 18-25 years. The lowest percentage of 5% is recorded for above 45 years.

The results for age distribution is illustrated in ‘Figure 4.2’.


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