The total of 68% are within 18-35

The questionnaire was distributed to a sample of employees based on quota sampling. The demographic information gathered are under gender, age category, level of employment and work experience in the organization. Gender distribution

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The gender distribution based on the sample is illustrated in ‘Figure 4.1′.

Figure 4.1: Gender distribution (Source: Developed by the Researcher).

The gender dispersal was recorded as 25.5% females and 74.5% males of the total sample. Age distribution

The sample of one hundred and fifty seven employees contrasts a vital fact in regards to the employees’ age distribution. A total of 68% are within 18-35 years, which the highest been 44% within 26-35 years and 24% within 18-25 years. The lowest percentage of 5% is recorded for above 45 years. The results for age distribution is illustrated in ‘Figure 4.2’.


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