The Java, Scratch, and Ruby all come installed

The Raspberry Pi is a small single board computer.

This is a card sized computer that can plugged to a television or a monitor using a HDMI cable. This does not have a keyboard and mouse attached to it and has to be added externally through the USB ports found in it. Since the Raspberry Pi 3 has a lot more features when compared with the other models, Pi 3 is taken for this project. The entire Pi 3 is enclosed in a clear transparent case.The advantage of Pi 3 over the other models is the increased clock speed from 900MHz to 1.2GHz. Pi 3 also has 4 USB ports. But the major advantage of Pi 3 is the addition of wireless connectivity.

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Pi 3 has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for easier and faster connectivity. This eliminated the need for USB adaptors which the Pi 2 uses. Pi 3 has 64-bit architecture when compared to Pi 2 or Pi Zero which has only a 32-bit architecture. This adds a boost of better performance to the clock speed. The RAM of Pi 3 has also been increased from 450 MHz to 900MHz i.

e. double the original. A camera port is also found. The Operating System (OS) used with the Pi 3 is Raspbian. Although the Pi 3 has a 64-bit CPU, the Raspbian has only a 32-bit.

A considerable number of programming languages have been adapted for the Raspberry Pi. Python, C, C++, Java, Scratch, and Ruby all come installed by default on the Raspberry Pi.


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