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The recruiting process is an essential part in your business. This process helps build a motivated business that meets the business mission and goals. Recruiting has never been easy or stress free, and in today’s competitive workplace, it has only increased. Most businesses find it difficult when finding a qualified applicant for the new position. It all begins with the recruiting process, provided are tips in making that procedure simple.

The recruitment process begins with advertising the new position. You can do so by posting an ad in the local paper or use online job websites, such as indeed. Your goal is to find the most qualified candidate to fill the job opening. To achieve that goal, write an advertisement that speaks to them clearly and directly. Start by describing the job responsibilities in an engaging, but clear way. It is important to list requirements such as experience, education, or skills.

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End the advertisement with directions on how to apply for the position, along with materials to be attached such as resume, cover letter, and references. Following after advertising the position is resume screening Next step in the recruiting process is the phone and face to face interview. The phone interview saves the employer time and eliminates unqualified canidates. The phone interview allows the employer to determine if the applicant’s qualifications and experiences are consistent with the position. If the applicant meets all requirements they will proceed to the face to face interview.


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