The types of methods like lecturing method; Computer

The Research paper entitled above gives trace on Simulation Model for Teaching and Learning. This is the important area in which the teaching and learning can be benefited. The teaching methods involve three types of methods like lecturing method; Computer based teaching method and mixed teaching methods. The researcher has studied the methods used by teachers and method preferred by the students they have also returned the rules to find out the quality of the teaching and learning.

The simulation model is designed by the researcher to find out the best method of the teaching and learning process in higher education. The main objective of the paper is to trace on the best method of the teaching and learning so that the output of the teaching method is improved and students are benefited by this.The motive of the research is to enhance the quality of teaching learning process in higher educational institutes.

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The researcher proposes the role of knowledge base system and simulation technique to achieve the objective. Teaching and learning process is the methodology of various types of techniques of teaching and learning which is being used by teachers as well as students in the Education. Continuous quality improvement was originally based on the quality assurance (QA) paradigm.

The objectives are as follows1.To study the various types of teaching methodology used in higher education.2.To study the ideas and the best way of teaching suggested by expert teachers.3.

To study the ideas of students who are good in learning.To acquire the knowledge from expert teachers and develop a rule based system and simulation model for teaching and learning process. Such type of system can be used in analysis of teaching and learning.The present study has been completed using field survey method, in the field survey method the researcher has approached institutes of Kolhapur and collected method of teaching from teachers and students. Statistical methods are used to analyse the data for the students and teachers under study.In computer science, simulation has some specialized meanings: Alan Turing used the term “simulation” to refer to what happens when a universal machine executes a state transition table that describes the state transitions, inputs and outputs of a subject discrete-state machine.

Simulation is extensively used for educational purposes. It is frequently used by way of adaptive hypermedia. Simulation is often used in the training of civilian and military personnel . The Simulation can be used in the teaching of various subjects in science and other faculties. The various methods of simulations also are used in teaching and learning methods. In this paper the authors have used to find out best method of teaching and learning.Computer Simulation is nowadays widely used in business organizations to perform various tasks in the Business process. Computer simulation is the discipline of designing a model of an actual theoretical system, executing it on a digital computer and analyzing the execution output.

The teaching and learning are the most important process in education. The best use of student?s time and teachers resources will have positive impact on this process. The variety of teaching and learning methods which is used within a course is an important ingredient in creating a course with interest to students. Lectures are still the most important and widely used teaching methods in the higher educational Institutes.The students concentration is not checked in this methods nor their is participation of students in this method. Fifty-minute lectures remain the core teaching method for most undergraduate courses. Their role is best suited to providing an overview of the subject matter and stimulating interest in it, rather than disseminating facts.Tutorials and seminars are also widely used to teach the subjects with more difficulty level in higher educational Institutes.

After the lecture, this is probably the next most widely used teaching method. The active nature of the tutorial/seminar makes it the main source for students to acquire some of the personal transferable skills, e.g. in presentation and group work. The Practical Subjects are supported by Lab work and practical assignments for the students.Teaching methods are as follows•Workbooks, diaries, and lab notebooks;•Computer-based methods;•Fieldwork;•Independent learning tasks;•Essays, dissertations and projects;•Library searches;•Portfolios;•Posters;•Videos.

.Computer supported learning is also used by students and teachers in the Institutes. The Computer can be used for PowerPoint presentation and database handling.The Computers in Teaching Initiative Support Service (CTISS), principally through its various academic subject centres, provides support with the implementation of learning technologies across higher education institutions within the UK.The Students assessment for his various qualities in education system is important and use of the computer system to assess the students? performance will improve the quality of teaching and learning process in the Institutes.


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