The of continued competency within any specialised area.

The responsibility of the assessor is to carry out and agree assessments on learners, in accordance with any award criteria that is set out.

They are responsible for supporting the learner through the end-to-end process of learning, including agreeing the best assessment methods to use, to an agreed plan, and giving constructive and developmental feedback in a timely manner. Any feedback given should include what has been achieved to date, and what is required next, leading up to the next assessment.It is the responsibility of the assessor to ensure that all data relating to the learner is help in a safe and secure environment and shared only with the consent of the person to whom the data relates to, in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998).It is the responsibility of the assessor to review all progress with the learner and employers, if necessary, in a timely manner, and to any agreed standards that may be in place.

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It is also the responsibility of the assessor to make any candidate aware of any appeals process that is in place, and who they would need to speak to if they disagreed with any assessment decisions, or outcomes that they received during the learning process. It is also the responsibility of the assessor to maintain occupational competency within each area of their role, where it is required, and maintain levels of standards alongside other assessors. This is possibly done by maintenance of a Continued Personal Development (CPD) plan, that assessors are responsible for maintaining, to show their level of continued competency within any specialised area.Part of the assessment cycle is for assessment planning, which assessors are responsible for, and must deliver, in accordance with the assessment criteria, timescales and methods agreed with all individual learners.

As well as supporting individual learners through the learning process, assessors are responsible for attendance at any meetings, and to maintain any internal records of achievements for the learners within the guidelines that have been set by employers and the awarding organisation if necessary.


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