The results of the study are interpreted using

The results of the study are interpreted using SPSS and the instrument’s manual which reveals that the correlation with Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Enterprising and Conventional are not significant with the job satisfaction of the recruiters in John Clements but Investigative, Artistic, Enterprising and Conventional does have a positive direction which means that if Artistic, Enterprising and Conventional increases, the Job Satisfaction of the recruiter also increases and vise versa. Realistic is the only category that is not significant and not positively related to Job satisfaction of the employees. But beyond this Social is the only category that is significant to the job satisfaction of the recruiters because the r value of social is r= 0.526 which is higher than the r-crit of the study which is r-crit= 0.4329. At the same time, they are both positively related which means if Social increases, Job satisfaction of the recruiters also increases.

Therefore, out of the 6 categories of RIASEC to know the career development of the employees, 5 (Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional) out of it have a positive relationship which means if the first variable increase, the other variable also increases and vice versa. 1 (Realistic) out of the 6 categories is not positively related and significant with career development and 1 (Social) out of the 6 categories is significant and positively related to other variable with this conclusion, having an average degree of career development means that the participant is improving his or her career development and path in an average haste which means the participant is not stagnant at his or her work development while for the job satisfaction, the participants have a high degree of job satisfaction which means that their needs are satisfied with the help of the organization.These results are supported by Jusuf, Mahfudnurnajamuddin, Mallongi, and Latief, 2016) that career development tends to increase with the employee job satisfaction. This can be seen with the correlation between investigative, artistic, social, enterprising and conventional to job satisfaction which tends to have a positive direction. Matalia (2012) and Ismail, Adnan ; Bakar (2014) also supported this result that there is a positive and significant correlation between career development and job satisfaction this supports the correlation between social and job satisfaction.Therefore, the researchers fail the alternative hypothesis for Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Enterprising and Conventional and accept the null hypothesis due to the low value of r. The categories of Investigative, Artistic, Enterprising and Conventional have a positive direction with Job satisfaction. For the hypothesis of the correlation between Social and Job satisfaction, the researchers fail the null and accept the alternative hypothesis because the value of r (r social = 0.

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526) for social exceeds the value of the r-crit (r-crit = 0.439). There are studies done that support this result and one of this is from the study of Shujaat, Saira, Faisal and Ishtiaq (2013), as they cited Ahmand ; Bakar (2003), they stated that career development is positively associated with the effective commitment of the employees which is rooted if the employees are satisfied with the job they have. Being the recruiters and their main job is to coordinate and choose applicants that have the best fit for the vacant job in the organization. With this, having a high social score in their career development shows that the recruiters in John Clement value sharing information to the people which are their clients. At the same time having a positive direction with Enterprising and job satisfaction shows that being an influencer to the potential applicant will benefit the organization by persuading potential applicant with the benefits of the company. By this, it also let the employee develop their improvement in being determined and out-going kind of recruiters that will generate to the success of the achievement of the goals of the organization.

This is also aligned with the results of Shujaat, Saira, Faisal, and Ishtiaq (2013), that organization’s offerings, such as programs and office gadgets, to their employees, increase their satisfaction in their job at the same time their career development progresses. Ismail, Adnan, and Bakar (2014) agree with the fact that programs and adaptations to technology made for the career development increases the job satisfaction of the employees. But with the results that have been gathered and interpreted, Realistic and job satisfaction have no significance to each other. Having a realistic career development tends the participant not to depend to machines and tools by all means, machines and tools only increases the employee’s job satisfaction only not the career development of the employee.Career development and working environment show the highest relationship with job satisfaction (Shujaat, Saira, Faisal and Ishtiaq, 2013). This means that support from peers and colleagues is imperial to one’s career development and satisfaction of their job. As the matter of fact being effectively committed at work opens the chance to develop their careers. If the employee feels valued from their supervisor, this drives them to focus and achieve their goals which show that career development is directly linked to the satisfaction of the employees (Shujaat, Saira, Faisal and Ishtiaq, 2013).

Career development opens the doors for long-term achievement where it promotes the employees to gain self-esteem and appreciation for one’s job that uplifts their satisfaction with their job (Pillay, Dawood, and Mahomed, 2015). This supports the results with Artistic and Job satisfaction correlation because it was said that having an artistic side in the career development and correlate it with job satisfaction yields to a positive direction. Having an artistic career development shows that the recruiter is communicative with the his or her co-workers to the fact that they create a familiar bond that they themselves expresses it, with the help of having as well the social since of the career development, it let them depend on each other and open their minds to be approachable to their clients which are the applicants that may be “the one” or the “potentially-fitted” to the vacant job in the organization.


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