“The Robert describe someone standing in the front

“The road not taken “by Robert Frost was a poem about the journey of life and the decision we are making in our lives. It was first published in 1961, at that time it was one of the most famous poems written by Robert Frost. In this poem Robert describe someone standing in the front of a jungle there were two roads, but the both leads to different directions. He felt a little disappoint because he could not travel to both at the same time. In this essay I will discus the literary devices that the author in order to develop the poem and also the main theme of the poem. Throughout this short poem Robert Frost use several figurative of languages in order to make the poem more interesting.

For example, the author uses personification when he stated that “Because it was grassy and wanted to hear “., this is Cleary an example of personification because it gives characteristics to something that is not-human. The poem is also full of metaphor. The opening of the poem is example of metaphor, where the narrator has to decide between the two roads. One of the major the theme of this poem is making decisions; this poem is applicable to our daily life. In life we have to make choices even though is not an easy thing to do but we have to.

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In this poem the travelers have to decide on whether which road he should choose because he had two choices. But at the same time, he was hard for him because both road leads to different path. An example that could support this theme


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