The The leaders of a company are

The role of having or using leadership in total quality management helps or forms strength or whatever improvement strategy is being brought up. Total Quality Management is a “management philosophy and company practices that aim to harness the human and material resources of an organization in the most effective way to achieve the objective of the organization.” (BSI, 1991). The leaders who come up with these strategies to improve their businesses or companies are the ones who provide unity, while they are also coming up with ways on which direction they think they should go in. The leaders of a company are the ones who are responsible for being able to maintain and create a great internal environment for the employees. When they have this type of environment the employees will start to buy in to what the organization is trying to accomplish, such as goals, or improving the services and processes and even the quality of the products. The leadership is very vital to them, in order for them to improve in the quality of work across the board because they are the ones who set the goals and objectives for the organization. Not only that they also help the employees in order to have these objectives met.
When implementing total quality management also known as TQM, it is not only leadership’s job to do it; it takes a team effort from the person at the bottom to all the way at the top. The leadership teams are just the ones who lead it and bring it all together. Each person in the organization has their responsibilities. Each individual needs to know how they need to work, what they need to work on, what is working in order to be efficient in the organization. Good leaders are the ones who implement the strategies and plans. The leader are the ones who provide the training of employees or schedule the training, promotes the employees to continue their education, and is always in contact with the employees and meeting with customers. “Its adherents claim that managers can implement TQM in any organization or manufacturing, service, nonprofit, or government and that it generates improved products and services, reduced cost, more satisfied customers and employees, and the improved bottom line performance. (Waltom, 1986). I do think a leader needs to be someone who not only cares about the employees but someone who sets high goals for them to accomplish and constant improvement in order for the company to gain a reputation as a good place to work for or with.

Total quality management is a big improvement in an organization because it comes in close relation with helping the employees improve on their efficiency as individuals or groups, or as an organization all together. In order for all of it be achieved, the most important thing that an organization needs is to have leadership. For all the success that happens in the organization to be able to achieve quality control, it all depends on the attitude and also the ability the top level management is willing to give. Leaders do not only lead by example, they also consider there other colleagues as the most important factor of success. They are also the ones that really do believe and push there people in right direction to bring our hiding abilities of yours while showing them respect, because being a leader you have to give respect in order to receive respect in my opinion. When leaders are selected they are there to inspire and show there other employees that they are here for them, and that no matter where you are at in the organization you should take pride in being a part of it.

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