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The Role of the Holy Spirit in ActsNameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate The Holy Spirit and Salvation in Acts The Role of the Holy Spirit in ActsOn the day of the Pentecost after Jesus had ascended to heaven, the Holy Spirit came and filled the disciples, which prompted them to speak in tongues (Acts 2, King James Version).

This inspired and motivated the disciples in making more disciples of Jesus Christ through salvation. The Holy Spirit gives power to believers in their great commission of spreading the word of God. In Acts 1:2, the ministry of Jesus on earth was made possible with the help of the Holy Spirit where Jesus performed miracles and other wonders with the help of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives power to believer which is important in helping believers to be witnesses to Jesus all over the world (Acts 1:5).

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The Holy Spirit is the third person in the holy trinity who plays an important role in salvation by helping and guiding believers through the salvation journey (Schenck, 2003). Salvation involves the repentance and baptism in the name of Jesus Christ where the new believer receives the gift of the Holy Spirit (Schenck, 2003). Repentance helps individuals to be forgiven of their sins, which is the first step in having a personal relationship with God. Holy Spirit avails grace to every individual and convicts a sinner of his sins, which leads to repentance.

The Holy Spirit also continues to help the new believer by giving him/her power and motivation to live a life free from sin (Schenck, 2003). ReferencesSchenck, K. (2003). Jesus is Lord!: An introduction to the New Testament.

Louisville, Ky: Triangle Publishing.


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