The woman choosing her own career path.

The roles of mothers between the 50s and the 2000s have been one of the most significant aspects of life that have changed. In the 1950s it wasn’t common when you saw a woman working outside of the home, usually, she was at home raising the kids, cooking, and cleaning. Today, however, it’s very common when you see a mother with a job and spending most of her time outside of the household.

And if they had jobs, they were tailored to their looks, not their skills, but it was also an embarrassment for men, if their wives had a job, in the 1950s, yet today it’s embraced when you see a woman choosing her own career path. Back in the 50s, most women went to college not to get a degree, but to find a husband, while nowadays woman wishes to find their husband and get their degrees during college. The roles of the mother in both generations are very important in the household. With a mother who chooses to spend most of her time outside of her household the confines of a family home, you can expect to see many changes. In both generations, all mothers became more independent is because the divorce rates are more than doubled in the last 60 years. The woman in the 50s and 2000s are to make sure that their household are happy and to stay away from divorce at all possible.

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One thing that barely changed between the two generations is the role of men. Men are the breadwinner of most families. A man’s role was always to take care and protect their families. Technically, the man are the head of the household. Men are expected to hard a decent paying job to provide for his family.

The value of families held in the 1950s was much different from traditional values of today. Spending quality time with one another was the most important aspect of 1950’s life, dinner was usually eaten in the same room, but in the 2000s families tend to eat dinner in separate rooms. The only time we seem to eat in the same room anymore is occasionally on holidays and sometimes when the cable is out. In the 50s, all families’ members would get together, meanwhile families today only get together at funerals.

In the 1950s, the families structures consist of a married couple with biological children, raising them together as one. Till today people get married even though they don’t love each other wouldn’t because having a ligament child was against norms. Today, children are being raised by two mothers or by two fathers, or either one parent. Both even though family structures has change most kids are still raised by both of their parents. In the 1950’s, most children could go to school till they were in the first graded, but now children can go to school or daycare at 6 weeks.

There weren’t many shows on television, so children used their imagination to create games to entertain themselves.


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