The Stones had a huge impact on the

The Rolling Stones are one of the English Rock and Roll bands, formed in London in 1962. Singing bout topics most bands don’t sing about.They brought their music stateside as leaders of the “British Invasion” of bands becoming successful in the United States. The Rolling Stones have a well known sound and rebellious lyrics that fulfilled and impowered the countercultural ideas of the american youth. They were rebellious, significantly different from peace and love the vibe that many people attach to the sixties. The Rolling Stone’s lyrics reflected on events that were happening in the world at that time. They sang about topics like sex and violence that were being ignored by mainstream media.

The Rolling Stones had a huge impact on the younger generation due to their punk outlook. They became a large part of youth culture, as children used the music of the Rolling Stones to break the boundaries of society.When Rolling Stones first started in the ‘ 60, they received more attention for their physical appearance, than for their music. However, after releasing many albums, the band got attention for mixing blues and Rock in their own signature sound. They brought an uncomplicated form of blues to the frontline of pop culture, combining it with rock and roll.

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Even the name of the band shone in the Blues style. The Rolling Stones, were very good at shedding light on their work, they often played with differing and sometimes overlapping intentions. Sometimes they just wanted to honestly explore a topic that was not addressed otherwise. In other songs, they wanted to draw attention to the confusion of society between unimaginable and real, between random social protocol and true ethical principles. In many cases, The Rolling Stones wanted to use the energy of these subjects to inspire their music. And in some cases, they just seemed to be up to (or down) the expectations of the people of them.In conclusion, the Rolling Stones proved to be the most influential rock and roll band in the American counterculture.

Singing about topics most bands don’t sing about.


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