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The Rough draft of my essay was never reviewed by one of my peers. So I had to fix my rough draft on my own. And one of the challenges of writing this essay is integrating my ideas from my sources. My paper had to explain what I thought about as far as the hidden dangers of ADHD medications. I also needed to support my ideas with research, or they will seem insubstantial.

My technique I thought was appropriate. I had to review my material to summarize it. Identify the main idea as concisely as I could.

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I had to look up any important details or examples to put in my essay. And also had to check my summary to make sure it is accurate. In my draft, I researched a lot of my materials that presented the hidden dangers of ADHD medications.You have to be able to communicate the feedback message in the most appropriate way that you can. You have to make observations about students’ learning processes and strategies that will help them figure out how to improve. Make comments about the strengths and weaknesses of a person’s work and process you observed or recommendations about a work process or study strategy that would help improve the work. Make suggestions about what could be done for improvement.

Also avoid evaluating or “judging” student work in a way that would stop students from trying to improve. And most of all, use positive feedback/comments that describe what is well done.What really makes writing motivating to me, is sharing it and being successful with it.

But as for my writing assignments, it seemed that I learned everything step by step, but now being in college, it’s more expected from me as a writer. Being in high school was quite easy to push everything off till the last moment. But I do have a weakness when it comes to sentence structure and word choices.

Putting sentences together and making them strong and well developed, is not my fortay. But I did what I could to make it work. But as of now, I really feel much more confident about myself in different aspects. I feel that as a writer I am able to give good detail when I feel strongly about a point.


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