The being a self actualized individual, I

The Scholarship of Motivation Theory

After my reading of “Individual Perceptions of Self-Actualization: What Functional

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Motives Are Linked to Fulfilling One’s Full Potential”?, my summary of this article is that in

self-actualization individual feels to be more pressed to meet their own needs and capable at

being their best of their potential goals. The urge to gain more power when a little is not good

enough. This article expresses that one of self actualization is not limitless and is actively filling

a drive. Self-actualizing, like any drive, is unlikely to operate without regard to biological and

social costs and benefits (Krems, Kendrick, & Neel 2010).

To my opinion I agree with this article on Maslow’s self-actualization theory based off

personal experiences. I find myself being a self actualized individual, I make concrete goals,

because I do not see things to be handed to me because I work hard at achieving my goals as it

becomes enjoyable as too important. With this article is gave brief and direct explanations of the

notion of self actualization. We examine which functional outcomes (e.g., gaining status, making

friends, finding mates, caring for kin) people perceive as central to their individual self-

actualizing (Krems, et al., 2010).


To conclude I find this article to be very useful to scholar-practitioners that are in the HR

profession. This article would help a newly employed HR scholar-practitioner scope and

understand how to involve a self- actualized employee in shaping their career and also guiding/ or

suggesting an alternate career path that may meet the employee potential desires. Self-actualized

individuals are humble and may remain stagnate due to lack of management involvement. These

individuals are always focused on the growth of their career. Providing the management with

training to enable employees develop their career would be great steps in making the workplace a

happy medium for employees. This article will give the understanding to those in the HR field

that self-actualizers in workplace would revitalize other employees with the mindset that

establishing goals can help make a successful career.


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