The deadlines to meet. In midst of all

The school year is almost over. Yet for some, there are still numbers of pending works to do and deadlines to meet. In midst of all the stress and all the squares unchecked in the list of “to-do’s” in your precious planners and journals you might want to relax, unwind and just breathe it all out.Traveling must be a splendid idea but there is not enough time allotted for “me-time” and that most of the getaways you know that is worth of what is mentioned just costs an arm and a leg. Luckily, there are still a lot of good places at good prices around Rizal. One of them can be found in the high lands of Antipolo Rizal. Cloud 9 Hotel and Resort in Antipolo is your next destination for short trip barkada-nights, family bonding or just for “me-time”; relaxing with its nature-friendly and laid-back ambiance. Also, it is known with its long and shaky hanging bridge to the 360-view deck located on top of a tower which perfect for overlooking the city lights of metro manila at night.

Thus, there is an entrance fee of 50 pesos for the hanging bridge. In the fourth floor of the tower there is also an art gallery of paintings of Mr. Othoniel M. Neri, and on your way down there are lot of wood carvings, and antiques.

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How to go there? Going to Cloud 9 is easy. From STI College Ortigas-Cainta take a jeepney heading to Tropical, for students it will only cost 10 pesos and for non-students it will cost 12, from there ride another jeepney heading to Antipolo then drop off at Cloud 9, for students it will cost 13 pesos and for non-students it will cost 15 pesos. All in all, student fare going to Cloud 9 is only 23 pesos only and for non-students, 27 pesos. Traveling or short trips doesn’t have to be expensive as long as you enjoyed it either with your friends, your family or just by yourself.


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