how can such proposals be

The second problem is, how can such proposals be linked to an existing business model that does not work that way? There have been many alarms about the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to increase the workforce, especially for jobs that are easy to automate.

Managers at all levels must, however, adapt to the smart machine world. The fact is that artificial intelligence will soon be able to carry out administrative tasks that take a lot of managers ‘ time faster, better and cheaper. Managers spend over half their time at all levels in administrative coordination and control tasks. These are the very responsibilities that the same managers have most to do with AI.

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They’re right, moreover: AI automates many of these tasks. Machine learning and AI enables people to concentrate on other important tasks and save time, as they perform relatively small jobs on their own. Many managers now prefer to use AI to write their articles or draw graphs or tables, which allows them to better control and report management functions.


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