The to the test tube and adding them

             The purpose is to walk through the results.

Looking at each test tube after mixing them up and get the results by the colorwhich indicate a negative or positive result for sugar.For each substance tested there is some effect by mix up eachsubstance together to the test tube and adding them in the boiling water bath for10 minutes.In methods section was done after recordedthe results and that’s help my experiment and, see the performed.

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The results are when everything was added and have theresult of the color contents of the test tube mixed. For the result 1 I getblue and negative sugar, result test 2 is light blue and negative sugar, result3 is light blue green and positive sugar, result 4 is yellow and positivesugar, and result 5 is dark brown positive. Yes, the result was expected, because positive results iswhen the solution does not leave an oily residue, and the negative result iswhen our solution has fully evaporation after a fifteen times period.The experiment of the record not onlyif sugar is present or absent, but if there is a sugar present, the test helps meto evaluate how much sugar is present.               Thepurpose is to find a way of walking through the results by lightly tapping onthe edge of the paper and I will either get positive or negative for the results.

The statement for each substance tested was used to study thefat involving.For the methods section I can say it was done after recordedthe results and that’s help my experiment and see how it performed.By spread the subsistence evenly on the paper bag by lightlytapping on the edge of the paper. The results will be ready after fifteenminutes and I can see that substance 1 has negativefat with no color, substance 2 has tested with color black and positive forfat, and substance 3 has texted with clearly subsistence and positive as well.Yes, because I do not expect this substance to test positivefor protein, but for a specific reason D.

I water will be negative it can’t bepositive.The experiment of the record not only if fat is positive or negative,but if there is a fat present, the test helps me to evaluate how much fat ispresent. 


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